A matter of opinion: When yours is the only one that seems to matter… or so we think

Opinions are a funny thing. We seek them through approval, disapproval or in agreement. They mean so much more to us than we liked to think and we though we hold our own opinions we seek approval through others or at least reason. Now while I sit here and work my way around things going [...]

“Money Talks”: Money, Bills, Self-Care

I am no financial adviser or expert and I can't recommend the best products for any one individual but I do know money is part of everyday life and societal function. Depending on your upbringing, exposure and experience with money one's relationship with money may or may not be been great which makes conversations around money uncomfortable for some. Our [...]

0 – 100 real quick…

I have a road rage. I go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. These same emotions that get me going when someone does something f’d up on the road are the very same emotions that run rampant when someone pisses me off and/or brings up something I’ve made my mind up [...]

I did a 3-day cleanse…

I did a 3-day cleanse... Yes. Me. The one who snacks at all times of the day, who can probably out eat you (I like to think so), who enjoys sweets (like really enjoys sweets) and chips, and who considers French fries a food group. Despite all of this, which some might argue as completely unhealthy and [...]