My friend once told me that they love how unapologetic I am. I have to admit that at first, I wondered what that meant but as they explained it to me it started to make sense. It stuck with me.  Now while sometimes I’m thrown off by comments at first, there is often something worth hearing when other people speak.  It can be telling of many things (LOL!). Nonetheless, I try to be as authentically me as possible (and at times it’s hard) but nothing screams “yas girl, do you” more than someone recognizing that you do your own thing regardless of what people think. 

Being unapologetic means that you don’t apologize, seek approval or live your life based on the opinions and judgement of others. Obviously, this is not to be misconstrued to fit any one viewpoint or logic. In my opinion being unapologetic helps you to realize that you are your own kind of perfect.

It has offered me a deeper sense of meaning, belonging, advocacy, and understanding of myself, people in my life, people in general and the world we inhabit. It has meant that I, in various ways, learn to understand and accept the many things that make me, me. I am aware of my emotional state, I am more conscious about my contributions to the planet, I do the things that make me happy (I still ask for advice), I speak up for myself and others and I listen to my inner-self. Trust me, it answers most unanswered questions. This is not claim to say that I’ve got it down pat or that I’m free of error, hurt or mistake but rather that you can only realize your potential a. when you start letting go of certain ideas and feelings and b. when you decide to stop apologizing for what you ask of yourself and the people in your life c. when you start making attempts to create new ways of thinking and understanding.

Of course, I still struggle with instances of self-sabotage, self-doubt, feeling like I fall short, that I’m not pretty enough etc. The difference now is that I accept it as a part of creating who I am and who I hope to be. Ultimately your authentic self has to make an appearance at some point. Being unapologetic allows you to forgive yourself, love yourself, grow, find new ways of doing things, understanding and frankly just living. It is one of the wisest attitudes you can introduce into your life. We are all flawed, faulted and imperfect in so many ways. There is no better way to make sense of it than to accept and more importantly, if you are not harming yourself or anyone else, don’t apologize for it.



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