The Debate: Laser vs. Waxing

Now this post is for my ladies, and the few men who prefer the hairless side of life. Since I started with the whole laser hair removal thing, I have been meaning and wanting to share my experience. This is for a number of reasons but mostly because you never really know what you’re getting yourself into until you get into something. Now there is nothing to really worry about when it comes to laser but there are def some things I wish I knew going into this whole thing.  To be completely honest, I was reluctant to get laser because I couldn’t bear the thought of being permanently “hairless” for the rest of my life. And considering I shaved daily and waxed monthly to remain hairless, I’m not sure why I worried about this. Anyway, after much thought and a lot of research on laser hair removal in general and the experience of other black women who have had laser, I decided to book my first appointment. Now this was something I thought about for over 6 months. I asked people about their experience, what they thought about the whole thing, sat with my own thoughts and solicited opinions once again.  When I finally built up the courage to make the commitment, I went to my first appointment with open arms and an open mind.

Once I found my place of choice, I set up my first appointment and. My first appointment was a test run. It was about 5 minutes long and we just tested a small area to see if I would have any reactions to laser. I was sent home to monitor the area with pictures and such over the course of a week. All went well so I was set to book my next appointment. The second visit and all thereafter is where the fun begins. This is when you get excited about each visit because it means you’re on the path to less hair, less time spent shaving and more ‘freedom’.

I waxed religiously for many years. I thought waxing was the until I started laser.  Now there are of course pros and cons to everything and some may find that waxing actually works better for them than laser. Nonetheless, I’m going to share some of the things I wish I knew, I learned and I love about laser. Waxing is cool too but I just think laser is better!

It’s an investment (sort of) – You have to be committed to laser. They say once you start you must continue, and sure it’s a selling point but it makes sense. With anything, you must stick with it for a series of sessions before you start to see results. This varies from person to person and will be discussed between your first and third visit (it’s hard to say). Some may also find that it is very costly compared to waxing. If you do your research you may find more affordable options in your area. You can opt for a technician who provides services from home as opposed to going to a larger facility.

Make sure they are trained – you always have the option to ask to see certifications when in doubt. For the most part, most individuals who offer services from home have their certifications and credentials in plain eyesight.  I would assume (but again you never know) that people who work at a larger facility are certified and have provided their place of work with documentation.

 If you feel the burn, SPEAK UP – there is nothing worse than an ugly burn mark on areas you want to look nice and smooth. The technician cannot tell if something is too hot for you but will always ask if it feels hot or uncomfortable. In the event that you feel any burning or unusual pain, let your technician know! It’s better to go for more sessions without a burn than to try to speed up the process and ruin your skin while you’re at. Also, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get ‘better’ results.

Yes, you can feel it. It is neither painless nor painful. With anything that tugs on hair follicles, you will feel it. I wouldn’t say that it is painful but it isn’t painless. If I were to compare it to something, I would say it feels like little prickles on a small surface of your skin.

You still have to shave – yes, most people still have to shave to keep that super smooth feeling. The difference however is that the shave is a lot smootherand time between shaves is significantly reduced. Obviously the more sessions you have, the less you will have to shave – but this is not guaranteed. Just keep this in mind.

Monitor your result – make sure you monitor your results either mentally or using photos. This is important for both you and your technician so that you are receiving the best service based on your needs and your tolerance. The worst thing is to keep at something that is just not working and/or can be improved.

Some areas take longer than others – you may find that you see better results in some areas and not others. This is completely normal. You let your technician know of areas of concern or stubborn areas so that more attention will be paid to that area.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance – most people have to maintain laser. The nice thing about this however is that it can be months before you need to revisit your technician. This is of course after you’ve completed your series of sessions. In the time between your maintenance sessions (if necessary) you can upkeep with shaving.

Patience, patience, patience – Nothing happens overnight and not much happens after 3 sessions. I would I started to “see” noticeable results towards my 5th/6th session.

 Overall appearance – laser not only offers more ease with respect to hair removal and maintenance, there are a lot of benefits to the appearance of the area. It helps with ingrown hairs, darkened skin and razor bumps.

The results are worth it – YES!!!!!!! It gives you ease at home, when traveling, whenever. If you are someone who prefers to be hairless on certain areas of your body and would like to maintain that without having to shave every day or use a hair removal lotion, laser may be the solution for you

Would I recommend it – of course, yes, without a doubt, absolutely – only after you’ve done YOUR research! My experience with laser has been great thanks to the best laser lady every!

This is only an informative post. Everyone’s experience will differ. Skin type, sensitivities, responsiveness, tolerance etc must all be taken into consideration. Do your research if you still have questions about laser. Consult with a professional. Be informed and whatever you think will make your experience better. Also, NO, this does not make you any less of a woman nor should it! If being hairless makes you feel good, be hairless. If you prefer to have hair, rock it. Do whatever makes YOU feel good!!!!!!!!!!



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