Black Panther: A Movie For Everyone and One Worth Watching with a Critical Eye

Ok, so Black Panther… I am here for it! It’s been all the take and rage this month. Along with it being black history month, this movie broke records, set records and changed the dynamics of Hollywood for years to come (hopefully). Now I LOVED this movie for many reasons: the subtle nuances and comedic features, it offered insight into spheres outside of the norm,  introduced the role of politics in the black community in America, touches on longstanding African traditions,  and plays on the idea and hope for a better future. 

Black Panther is a movie for everyone. Yes, it is an all black cast and touches on a number of social and political issues within and outside of the black community – some people will overlook/ignore or simply just not understand for various reasons – but it exemplifies the need, desire and benefit of more inclusive cinematography as contributory to overarching social conversations.  We are moved by what we see on television whether it be a motion picture, a TV show, a news broadcast, talk show etc.  The messages conveyed through these sources have a powerful impact on the way we understand others and ourselves in society. It reaches millions, far beyond our borders, in places one would not necessarily imagine. It pays homage to a birthplace of many, instills and reminds us of the beauty of Black and African People, and shows that we must be aware and take responsibility for the way in which we all contribute to the world.

I have always and will always be an advocate for more inclusive ways of being and doing, and I think Black Panther did just that in so many ways for so many people.  And sure some would argue that it did not discuss certain social issues, it does not take away from everything else Black Panther touched on. It not only calls on the Black Community, it calls on women of all races,  it calls on men of all races, it call on us to ACT in the name of love, justice, community, equality and peace in all facets of society.  Black Panther stands as a reminder as to why that is important to continue to advocate for positive causes and changes in society, the importance of celebrating difference and tradition, the need for more support and unification within the Black Community (across Canada and America from personal experience) and the direct impact and influence such practices have on the lives of the very individuals who make up society.  

We are always so busy celebrating everyone else’s successes, and it’s time that we and everyone else come together to celebrate the success of Blacks. There should be no shame in your game in doing so. This does not take away from anyone else but rather contributions to ongoing conversations, discourse and realities. The beauty of this is that it reminds us that we are here and we too are capable of great things. There is a place for everyone on this earth and how we go about attaining and maintaining equality and respecting difference is none but a true reflection of ourselves.



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