Part Two: How my experience with Reiki helped in my journey

There’s something so powerful and moving that occurs when you share your story with people in whatever capacity works for you whether in private or publicly. In whatever way you choose to heal, it is important to be aware of the form of healing that works for you. I have always been one to talk about things – I think the honesty that comes from opening up allows you to feel and push for change you need. I have a set of close friends that I always reach out to but this time I went to someone who had no previous interactions with me beyond social media. The results far exceed my expectations. 

I was introduced to Reiki through a high school friend who is a Reiki Master. For months I saw her stuff on my timeline but never really took the time to see what it was all about until something happened in my life that took more of a toll on me than I admitted.   I had come to a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with my overall situation. I went through a period of recollecting better times and an overall better attitude and wanted so desperately to get back there. When I was ready, I asked a friend if she would be interested in doing a Reiki session with me. Her answer was of course said yes being that it’s just her personality to try everything at least once.  I then contacted my friend, Samira (her contact information provided at the bottom of this post) who offers the service, asked as many questions as needed then set up an appointment. Now like a lot of people, I wondered what if there was any truth to Reiki. I limited the possibilities to my own ignorance before even giving it a try. I must say that while I am sharing my experience, it is individual and can only truly be understood when in the moment.

Reiki is a beautiful moment between you and your master. Reiki is to aid in the centering, balancing and clearing of energies.  Your teacher connects with you through direct contact with your body. You are fully clothed and they refer to specific points for healing. While some may not understand healing services, it somehow brings you closer to your truth. And while your truth may not initially be clear it certainly offers insight into maybe some of the things you need to address in order to get there. 

I am a proactive and a very emotionally in touch individual. I can go from 0 to 100 real quick with all the reasons why. I am viewed as having it all together but I can assure you that there are times when I don’t have my sh*t figure out or when things just don’t seem to line. I ask for help, I share what’s going on and I act on it. I am well aware that while I may now be able to connect some of the dots in my life, many people don’t know where to begin. This may or may not be you. The point however is that we all go through things and I see this as ok.  I say this again as I have said this before, seeking help in whatever capacity suits you can and will get you to a place where you can begin or continue your journey.

My experience with Reiki has more to do with addressing things I had been consciously ignoring or downplaying for so long. I had to connect. I knew I was tired of my own game.  Figuring out what was bothering me, acting on I and getting whatever additional help I needed was necessary.  I went into my session with an idea of what I was going to hear and believe me I hear it loud and clear. It was emotional. It was uplifting. It was Cleansing.

Writing this brings up how great my first session felt. I have since been back and of course the second session was just as great as the first. I was in a different mindset however which meant the results and focus aligned with where I am now. Aside from my experience there are some overarching things that must be present in order to see the full benefit and potential of Reiki through.

(Edit) If you don’t feel as though Reiki is for you, try talking through your problems with someone you trust. I think reaching out for help is essential to starting you journey  this can be a trusted friend, partner or professional. Again, this is how I started my journey to healing, and although the (my) process starts long before we are aware, it is when we become aware that we start to see change. When you are ready (you will know), certain things or resources won’t seem so taboo or foreign but rather a necessary part of your process/journey. 

Several Things to Keep in Mind

It is not invasive: you share what you want to share

You have to believe in the power of Reiki– like anything

You have some idea of where you hope the session will take

You have to be willing to receive information

You have to be open

You will see overlap

It can be groundbreaking but you must be equally committed to ensuring transformation

Considering whether you want to go alone or with a friend

(Edit) Make sure it’s someone you trust and/or you are referred to. It’s important that you are comfortable with this person. 

Do your research

Ask questions



If you have additional questions about my experience please email me via my contact page. Samira can be contacted via Facebook or Instagram. She offers distant or in person services. For more information about her services please contact her directly.

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