Part Three: Playing on your Senses

The joys of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  We all use them in some capacity, take them for granted at times and seldom celebrate them. Part three of this discussion is how wonderful are senses are and how playing on our senses can be beneficial.

We are human. We all long for certain feelings and connections far beyond explanation and control. We often step outside of ourselves to bring this forth instead of playing immediately on our own and catering to their needs as part of introducing healing, self-love and gratitude in our lives in our everyday lives.

Think about a time when one of your senses has been impaired. How did you feel? You wanted more than anything to get back to normal. The feeling of being impaired is offset with feelings of irritation, anger, sadness, lack of patience etc.  You don’t feel like yourself and it affects your overall mood and how you make it through your day. Considering this, it becomes apparent and more obvious as to why playing on your senses is crucial to your overall wellbeing.

While this may seem like an obvious concept to follow we often forget to introduce meaningful ways of playing on our senses into our lives. We eat, sleep, breathe, hear, see and touch things and people all the time. However, when its new or caters to other emotions it has a different effect on you. You get a sense of overall warmth and happiness. You feel lighter and free. Aliments don’t seem to bother you as much and you often have yourself wondering what is different about today than any other day?

I am a big fan of self-care. Self-care, personal development and all the in between is a journey, a continuous journey. It brings you joy, it asks you to get in touch with yourself and it brings about practices that help you be your best you.  In recognizing this, female or male, you must make a conscious effort to introduce more sensory practices into your everyday life. If there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do longer practices, do more involved sensory practices every 2 days, every 3 days, once a week.  On a daily  basis you may start your day off with some yoga, listen to your favourite songs on the way to work (create a playlist), make yourself your favourite breakfast – everyday if it means you’ll have a better day, give thanks more, open your window and enjoy the sounds and busyness of everything around you while you’re still with your thoughts, take a walk, take a bath, lather yourself with your favourite lotion, cook a nice meal, enjoy a glass of wine not with dinner but after dinner. Do something every day, small or big, that plays on one of more of your senses.

In finding yourself you must find the things that you enjoy. While simple, we don’t have given ourselves the time of day we need. To this day, there are times when I rather sleep than cater to my senses and while that’s ok on occasion, ignoring the very things that help us feel connected ultimately disconnects us. 





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