I am a 20 something suburban living gal who is annoyingly happy, a moderate klutz and as stubborn as a bull (but hey I’m a Taurus). I hold a B.A. in Political Science which deepened my appreciation and understanding of the role of politics in all areas of my life. I am flawed in many ways, enjoy good conversation and love a good face mask. I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people, sharing experience and learning, unlearning and relearning everything I thought I knew. I am certainly not a professional writer so please forgive any grammatical or spelling mistakes. I am definitely not what I appear to be and defy all preconceived notions of who and what I am and/or should be. I’m vivacious, loving and swears that laughter can change the world. 

I decided to start as a place to share my thoughts, opinions and things I enjoy all in one place. stands as a reminder to myself, and hopefully others, that we are all human, we all go through things and this thing we call life, is a game worth playing. It is my hope that my journey and what is shared on the pages of inspires others. I explore a variety of topics and conversations that aim to aid (in one way or another) in leading a more enriched and fulfilled life. Keep in mind that this is my journey as well, and between all my posts, I too, am still trying to figure it all out. I am no expert, I’m human.



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