Pronounced ASHA RAY – when I decided to start ASHARE.ca it was as a place to share my thoughts, opinions, unique experiences and things I enjoy all in one place. It was about me and for me in a selfish kind of way. As I grew into the craft, I wanted it to be more than that. To truly reflect all that I want for the people closest to me and strangers alike. 

ASHARE.ca stands as a reminder to myself, and hopefully others, that we are all human, we all go through things and this thing we call life, is a game worth playing. It is my hope that my journey and what is shared on the pages of ASHARE.ca inspires others. I explore a variety of topics and conversations that aim to aid (in one way or another) in leading a more enriched and fulfilled life.  

I have always maintained a positive attitude, I am vivacious in every sense of the word and my carefree spirit and outgoing personality has allowed for very open interactions with a diverse range of people. I introduce a sense of authenticity and genuinity into everything I do which allows me to connect with people and people to connect with me. This way of being and thinking also transcends directly into my everyday life and how I manage self  and how I experience, interact and navigate the world. In all of this, I realized that finding yourself and living out your most authentic self is only limited if we allow it to be. I offer this site to encourage people help themselves. I advocate self-love, self-awareness, mental health and the many things that going into being the best version of yourself, every day.